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Urban Nature

This screen print was made from an original photograph taken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of the reflecting pool at the Barnes Foundation. The four layer, color separation process print was made using Photoshop’s CMYK image mode.


Urban Nature by jlwoolums


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This Is

This screen print was created by using Photoshop to collage and alter some original photographs taken at the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017. It is a three layer print, using a digital transparency for one layer and Rubylith stencils for the other two layers.


This Is by jlwoolums

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This handmade, screen printed, Valentine’s Day postcard was made for the “Share the Love” event hosted by the Anne Arundel Community College Entrepreneurs’ Club. The background ‘love’ pattern came from a previous print of mine made in 2016 (see post dated February 16, 2016). The ‘love’ detail was inspired by the wrought iron signage on the Lovenvold Theater in Alesund, Norway.


Valentine 2017 by jlwoolums

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Absolute Lavender

A double complimentary color palate of yellow , violet, orange and blue was used for this gouache painting. The objective was to explore the effects of color systems and palette selections as they relate to a product’s utility and desirableness. I chose vodka as my product and a lavender lemon martini against the background of a lavender field in Provence.


Absolute Lavender by jlwoolums


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Summit View

This is a gouache painting using the imagery from a photograph of John Woolums by Ellen Clark at Summit Mountain in Big Bear Lake, California. The painting uses three distinct color palates to differentiate between the three planes in the picture.


Summit View by jlwoolums